World’s Most Overrated Tourist Attractions

Amazing attractions and experiences are one of the main reasons people travel. That said, there are plenty of sites recommended by guidebooks that fail to match expectations. So which should you visit with lower hopes? We asked travel bloggers to share their most overrated attractions. Here’s a list of top overrated attractions.

Las Vegas Strip – Unless you’re really into gambling, Las Vegas will be an impressive half hour and a weekend of remorse. The strip is more theme park than city, but if you stray too far in the wrong direction, you end up in a bad neighborhood. Really, the average visit is more likely to end up like The Hangover than Casino Royale.

Manneken Pis Brussels – It’s one of the world’s most photographed statues and it’s on every postcard in Brussels. It must be quite impressive, right? Not exactly. It’s so small, that you often miss it if you blink, as it’s usually found hidden behind a group of tourists holding up their cameras. Yes, it’s the image of a little boy urinating into a basin, so what? But at least unlike Copenhagen’s mermaid, this statue is found right in the center of the city.

Dublin’s Temple Bar – Dublin is known for its pubs, and it seems like visiting one billed as the cultural center of the city would be a great idea. Unfortunately, the culture you’ll experience in the Temple Bar is the tourist culture. There are far better pubs within walking distance with a better atmosphere and better prices.

Hollywood Walk of Fame – Don’t expect any glamour on this famous street. It’s an otherwise ordinary street with massive crowds taking pictures of the sidewalk. Around them are celebrity impersonators and tacky souvenir shops. No, you won’t spot any real celebrities — you’re more likely to see a homeless guy a few feet from all the tourist excitement.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museums – Now that it exists in well over a dozen cities around the world, why waste your time in a major city destination to see wax figures of celebrities? Some look quite real, others like blow-up dolls, but many people do seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of posing next to them. Go figure.

Capri’s Blue Grotto – A natural wonder filled with shockingly blue water is amazing to see. Unfortunately, you have to skip across to Capri on overpriced boats, and that’s assuming you can even access it. Chances are good that the weather will turn foul and your chances to see the grotto are ruined.

Stonehenge – You can’t even get up close to them most of the time, rope barriers make you stay about 10 yards away. They’re also 90 miles from London, right next to a freeway. And they’re also just rocks.

Loch Ness – Located in a dreary, out of the way corner of Scotland, Loch Ness has been the center of rumors about prehistoric monsters and dinosaurs for ages. Today, all you’ll see are gray skies, dull water and a load of vendors selling stuffed Nessie dolls. There are far better places to visit in Scotland than this dull narrow lake.

Egyptian Pyramids – The great pyramids are massive feats of ancient engineering and construction. They’re also incredibly old and falling apart. Not only are they hardly visually impressive after their media saturation, they’re also off-limits to the public. You won’t be fighting off a mummy’s curse, but you might be caught in a political uprising.

Niagara Falls – After spending 10 minutes overlooking the majestic waterfalls, you’ll go looking for other things to do, only to be greeted by the town’s tacky main strip full of sleazy sex shops, casinos and tourist attractions. Instead of spending your whole day here, make a pit stop at the falls and continue to nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake instead.

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