Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Do you love places to visit before they disappear from Earth? Do you know, we may be the last generation to see some of the Earth’s most treasured places? The reasons are many like desertification, torrential monsoons or melting glaciers etc. Hence the fact is that environment is changing rapidly and this is resulting in rising sea levels, air pollution and deforestation to name few. This change is rapidly eating away some of the most cherished destination on planet Earth. So, some the beautiful place that you know now is not going to stay around for long.  So here is the list of places to visit before they disappear.

The Maldives – Renowned for being the lowest nation in the world, over 80 percent of the 1,200 islands that make up the picturesque Maldives are less than one meter above sea level. Therefore, it is no surprise that the unique island group is currently endangered by the rising waters of the globe’s oceans. The circumstances have become so dire that the President has announced the federal government will begin purchasing land in other nations for citizens.

Dead Sea – The name might suggest the dead nature of the sea, however, the increasing rampant use of the natural resources of this highly saline sea might literally make this sea go dead. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth and has 10 times more salt than seawater. It’s a rich source of many minerals which are regularly extracted by industries such as cosmetic industry.

Mount Kilimanjaro – The highest mountain in Africa is a dormant volcano that’s famous for its distinctive ice-capped summit. A popular trekking spot, its peak offers stunning views of the surrounding plains. Over the last century, its glaciers have shrunk by more than 80 percent and are likely to disappear completely in the next few decades.

The Galápagos Islands – This is an active volcanic islands and many species found here including marine iguanas and giant tortoise are not available else were on the earth. The tourism is growing at 12 percent rate year on year and so the demand for infrastructure is increasing, which means this isolated island is not going to remain same forever.

Madagascar – One of the most extraordinary places on earth, Madagascar is an island country with spectacular biodiversity. Many of the plant and animal species that live there can’t be found anywhere else on the planet, which makes the rampant deforestation, burning, and excessive hunting that’s taking place even more concerning.

Venice, Italy – The Italian city, long heralded as one of the most romantic in the world thanks to its charming canals, is facing ruin. The city of canals has long been sinking, but an uptick in the number of increasingly severe floods each year could leave Venice uninhabitable by this century’s end.

Alaska – The Alaskan tundra is one of the most distinctive features of America’s northernmost state. Yet climate change has led to the thawing of the region’s permafrost, which not only damages infrastructure but also dramatically alters the current ecosystem.

Congo Basin – The Congo Basin is home to the world’s second-largest rainforest in the world at more than 1.3 million square miles. The rainforest is responsible for generating 40 percent of the oxygen on Earth, along with vital food, medicine, and minerals for local inhabitants. According to the United Nations though, up to two-thirds of the Congo Basin rainforests could vanish by 2040. Nearly 10 million acres of the forest are lost annually because of mining, farming, illegal logging, and guerilla warfare.

So, these are the top places to visit before they disappear and before it’s too late. Hope you enjoyed having information. Have a good day.

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