How to Travel by Bike

Traveling by bike or biking with friends can be a lot of fun. Even if you aren’t a cyclist it’s impossible to ignore the fun of cycling. Commute via biking has more than doubled over the last 20 years and cycling gear has even made it to fashion shows. People interested in biking also have the option of joining scores of bike-share programs that exist in many American cities.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the self powered thing called a bicycle could take you around the world? No. But you can bet your house on it that it most certainly can. You don’t need to be an athlete or a strong person to keep pedaling through streets at your own pace.

These days many people around the world are fascinated by the idea of traveling by bike but have no idea how to get started. People experienced in the “bike travel” area know that the plain simplicity of it is one of the greatest joys.

Powering you own transport may be a scary thought at first, but those who have done it know that it is the best and probably the most fun way to travel. Traveling by bike gives you a huge amount of freedom and this is added to the fact that its eco-friendly and also a great way to get some exercise.

Some of the most important information that people look for when learning to travel by bike covers things like getting in shape, things to pack, biking routes etc.

Some other things you may want to consider before planning a bike trip are:

  1. Is it a long trip?
    Length of trip is extremely important. It is not possible for everyone to really take three years off work to go biking around the world. Casual biking trips can range from anywhere between 2 weeks to a month.
  2. Places to go
    Since bike travel isn’t really a new thing there are plenty of maps available online specifically for biking routes. These maps are very useful while planning your own bike tour. It is also possible to take a guided bike tour.
  3. What shape are you in?
    Again for the more difficult biking trails people need to be in good shape. While biking can be fun, riding for 70 kms straight can be tricky.
  4. Things to carry
    Things you’d definitely need are a helmet, clothing, phone, a tent, sleeping bag, water and maybe some food. Also light cookware can be useful. Creating a checklist before you pack can be a good way to avoid forgetting stuff.
  5. Weight you can carry
    Before going on a trip try biking a couple of days with a realistic amount of weight you would be carrying to make sure you can manage without any trouble.

Once everything is done and you are prepared you can set out on you adventure. For more tips you can always visit other pro biking sites and you should have your answers.

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