5 Dead Zone Destinations Worth Checking Out

Dead Zone may sound like a Stephen King novel, but is actually a good thing when it comes to travel. It is that time of the year when airfares are at their lowest. Click here to know all about dead zones. While travelling is a breeze, there are vacation spots too that experience the post-holiday lull and offer pretty decent packages at slashed rates.

Here’re five destinations – in no particular order – you should check out during off season.

  1. Mexico
    The name conjures up images of crowded sunny beaches, expensive authentic food and of course the sound of bajos. Now minus the crowded beaches and add low air travel to the equation and you’re looking at some quiet, satisfying, economy relaxation!
  2. Las Vegas: Sin City isn’t big on Christmas, though come New Year you’d be paying almost $600 for a night. So why not make use of that laughably low airfare and add Vegas to your list of must-see places all the while not fretting over the amount your credit card is racking up.
  3. Grand Canyon: Ever wanted to see the mighty Grand Canyon but just never got around to doing it? Post-Thanksgiving is one of the times, since hotels will be at lower rates. This is smack in the middle of a Dead Zone, so getting a sweet deal in airfares shouldn’t be much of a problem.
  4. The Bahamas: By mid-December, the Bahamas are packed. Skip all the lines and simply go have a good time right after Thanksgiving. The hurricane season will be gone and the holiday crowd won’t show up for at least the next two weeks! Hop on that flight slap on that sun tan and relax!
  5. Orlando: Want to channel that inner child? Disneyland and Harry Potter await. Mid-January is the best time. You’ll still be riding the low airfare wave and you won’t have to muscle your way through throngs of screaming kids to get your Harry Potter fix.
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