Experience French Culture – Not in France

France, the most diverse, interesting and exciting countries in Europe. It holds an upper edge when it comes to good life, culture, music, art, food and wine. But the truth is you don’t need to travel to this amazing country to experience the awesome things the country has to offer. All that can be enjoyed without even stepping into the French land.

The French colonial empire was one of the largest in the world during the 19th and 20th centuries. Even though most of France’s former colonies have gone to establish their own identities, because of the colonial empire the French did managed to leave their cultural tendrils over there. So the other alternative to experience the vibrancy of the French culture without visiting the country is by taking a trip to those French influenced destinations.


Pondicherry which is located in the southern part of India is rich with French Heritage in India and centuries of French rule has imparted this place a strong French feel in its architecture and monuments. Pondicherry (officially renamed as Puducherry) served as the capital of French territories in India until 1954 when it was surrendered to the Government of India.

The monuments in Pondicherry still bears an imprint of French influence. The road along the beach itself is the best example for classic French construction


New Orleans, the only remaining city in the US where French culture is still visible. The influence can be seen in the architecture, streets and even in its cuisine. Foods like creole and cajun have doses of French cuisine and the famous New Orleans pastries, the beignet which is a French invention.


Controlled by France and Netherlands Antilles, this small island boasts a rich French experience. In the late 1600’s the island was changed hands between the Dutch, Spanish and English before being controlled by the French. The streets are filled with French influence that can be seen while taking a walk through the streets and there are vast number of restaurants that serve mix of French and Caribbean cuisine.


Home to the large cities of Montreal and Quebec city, this Canadian province is known for its French influenced culture. And it is still visible as the culture is reflected in the architecture, streets and even the official language of the province still remains French.


Situated in the northern Africa. Morocco, which was a protectorate of France, still holds influence of France not just in the architecture even in its linguistic culture. That is visible since after Arabic which is the official language, French is the second most spoken language.

There are more than 30 countries in the world that offer a great treat of French culture with its food, traditions, music and architecture. Well the choice is your when it comes to choosing which destination to explore.

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