5 Things to do Before a Road Trip

Looking forward to your holiday but not too thrilled about the road trip and endless prep work? Did the idea of a long hours on the road kill your holiday spirit just a bit? It doesn’t have to be like that. Here are 5 basic things you need to take care of before you get into that car and head out.

Good music is a good start
Get your jam going with some great music for the road. Peppy, upbeat and fast tracks can do wonders for those long stretches of country. If you want a break from those tunes, get your favorite podcasts or an audio book along. If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you have something entertaining for them to listen to.

Good food doesn’t hurt either
If you’re one of those road trippers who doesn’t like stopping a lot, be sure to pack some snacks that won’t get too messy in the car. One-handed eating FTW. Be sure to pack some candy and something for those with motion sickness. If you don’t mind making pit stops, map your journey, so you can stop at the popular eateries along the way and satiate that foodie in you.

Be comfortable
Comfort is the one element that will dictate whether your road trip has been an enjoyable one. Dress comfortably, get neck pillows and pillows and blankets for the young ‘uns in the back seat. Designate at least one other person to drive so you aren’t too exhausted to enjoy your vacation.

Check your car before you leave
A car breakdown at anytime is a downer, especially if it’s on a road trip. To be sure to eliminate this inconvenience, give your car a thorough once over before you set out on that trip. Check the air, oil, coolant, spare tire, tool kit, etc. to be sure you are covered. As an added measure check your AAA status to avoid getting stranded.

Make those money calls
Carry a spare credit card and keep it in a separate place, so if you lose or misplace your wallet, you can still pay for essentials. Keep some cash at hand for emergencies. Inform your credit card company about your trip, so your purchases along the way will not be flagged as suspicious.

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