10 Affordable Alternatives To Expensive Vacation Hot Spots

Sure, we love Paris, London, Cancun—who doesn’t?—but before you click the “book” button on a trip to one of the pricey “usual suspects,” you MUST consider one of these budget alternatives, where you’ll get more space, better perks, fewer crowds, and luxuries you never dreamed you could afford!


Rich European history, mesmerizing museums, and quality time at the pub can all be had in Warsaw for less than you’d pay in London. The capital of Poland is an eminently walkable city, with cheap public transportation.

Northern Italy

There’s so much more to Milan than shopping. Stroll the easy-to-navigate streets of Milan’s historic city center and visit the Duomo, one of Italy’s most spectacular churches—the view from the top is well worth the $15 price of admission. Craving the countryside? Don’t miss Lake Como, a beautiful natural haven home to George Clooney and hundreds of tiny picturesque towns like Gravedona, Bellagio, Brunate, and Como that are begging to be explored.

Korcula vs. Corfu

An island in the Adriatic Sea, Korcula is a great alternative to Corfu if you want to enjoy the beaches without the high number of tourists. Snorkeling, deep sea swimming and feasting on Korculan seafood are the common activities you can do. Peaceful and quiet, Korcula is a great choice if you want to spend your vacation relaxing and recharging your batteries without shelling too much out from your wallet. The island is also laced with pine forest trails, which provides an excellent venue for jogging and walking.

Ibiza, Spain

Famous for its super-clubs, all-night beach parties and packed street bars, Ibiza is the go-to sun spot for most school leavers, dance music ravers and all-round party animals. Most of the hardcore travelers head to Ibiza Town or San Antonio, where you’ll find the biggest nightclubs.


The draw of the long, crescent-shaped island of Eleuthera is its pink-sand beaches and still-rugged charm. The Bahamas tourism board is keen on drawing travelers to the islands, so check its website for deals like buy-one-get-one-free airfare and scuba-diving resort credits.


Take your pick: Relax on a distinctive black-sand beach (the color comes from iron, titanium, and other minerals deposited by Bali’s once-active volcanoes), get in the water for world-class surfing and diving (if you’re so inclined), explore the island’s jungle interior with its volcanoes and 10,000 temples (including the popular hillside temple Pura Luhur Batukau), or just hang by a hotel pool in one of the friendliest, gentlest environments on earth.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s famed Pacific Coast proves to be a cost-effective alternative that brings the same offerings the Mayan Peninsula serves. Hidden beaches, good food, surfing, and fine snorkeling spots are just some of the things vacationers are bound to enjoy in Costa Rica, even if they are on a tight budget.

These are tough financial times. But that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to go on a vacation. In fact, many people who enjoyed a full weekend away from routine and work found themselves relaxed, energized, and more enthusiastic about life. It is scientifically proven that a good vacation decreases high levels of stress, improves a person’s mindset, and adds years to life. But do you really have to spend a fortune just to go on a well-deserved holiday? Well, the above-mentioned vacation posts can allow you to travel without burning a hole in your pocket.

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