What are Dead Zones?

There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending the holidays with family but travelling during peak season can be expensive and even the lowest fares are pretty high compared to the non-holiday rates. Holiday traffic, full airports, crowded planes and of course delayed and cancelled flights coupled with the high fare you coughed up, do precious little to put you in a holiday mood.

So if you don’t mind arriving late for the family dinner, or skipping it altogether to catch up with them post the holidays, you can save a bundle on flight tickets. These are the days when airfares plunge and hit rock bottom and still there are no passengers. You’ll enjoy the lowest rates of the year and travel in comfort.

Parts of November, December and January make up the dead zones and this is when airfares are the lowest. Though the name doesn’t really inspire any positive feelings, they’re actually some of the best times to fly.

The November dead zone is before Thanksgiving. Flying a day before Thanksgiving will give you some awesome deals on your air fare.

The December dead zone starts after the Thanksgiving rush has died down. Travelers typically don’t travel right after turkey day, so if you try and combine your Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays between the holiday rush you might end up with some of the lowest fares of the year.

Literally the whole of January is one big dead zone – starting from the second week of January right up to mid-February are the days when airfares are the lowest.

While you can find some awesome deals on airfares during these times, vacation destinations too offer some pretty good deals during the dead zone lull. Read more about these destinations here.

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