Travel Last Minute, Travel For Cheap

Like taking off on your holiday without going through weeks and weeks of planning? Logically, you would think that a last minute vacation would be expensive, but that need not be, if you play it smart. Listed below are five things you can do to ensure you get to travel cheap even if it’s last minute.

Travel websites are your best friend
Make sure you go through travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity as these give you the best current round trip rates, packages and all-inclusive hotel rates. Watch these sites closely to get the best deals at the very last minute.

Sign up for last minute travel email alerts
These email blasts will keep you informed about last-minute deals from cruises, flights, hotels etc. These last minute offers tend to be very cheap and affordable. Just be sure to read the fine print before jumping on board.

14 is the magic number
Two weeks before travel is when most flights, cruises offer cheap tickets, if they aren’t fully booked, and this is your best shot. Be flexible in your holiday dates and you should be able to wrangle a great deal.

Social Media Rules
Twitter is great for a lot of things especially if you’re going to get some awesome deals that are exclusive to the social media site. Some travel companies offer discounts via Twitter and you should be following these handles just in case.

Peak Season’s Overrated
If you don’t mind travelling off season, this is when you’ll get the best deals. Apart from getting great deals on stay, you could even get some great offers on travel as well. If you’re flexible about your dates, travel midweek and save a lot. If you don’t mind travelling off season, check out this article for some more details.

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