How to Choose a Travel Credit Card

Credit cards are our mainstay and in this day and age, not having one is unheard of. Despite this being such a necessity, credit card providers offer great bonuses and gifts on signing up for one. With so many cards to choose from, making the right choice is really difficult.

While most offer lucrative incentives like cashback and gifts, credit cards that give flier miles seem to be  the most popular. These cards give you the chance to earn free points redeemable against airfares, hotels, loyalty points, special discounts and vacations, or even better, cash!

There are a few things you should definitely look when applying for a travel credit card.

The first being a huge sign up bonus. Doing this will kick start your returns so to speak and bring you closer to the mileage you need to get a free flight!

Next, get a card that doesn’t require huge amounts of spending to get those bonuses. Get one with a low minimum spending limit so you don’t have to spend a lot before you can get your hands on those returns. There are also cards that require you to make just one purchase to unlock the goodies.

An extra something, something is great! A lot of credit cards will give you some special “treatment” when traveling. Free checked baggage, priority boarding etc are just a few. So look for these when you apply.

No extra fees is something you should definitely look for. Annual fees are not fun. But most big name credit card companies charge these fees and if you do fly and travel a lot, it makes sense to fork out this fee for a better service.

Lastly compare the cards you like. Don’t pick up cards for the bonuses and then get stuck with the minimum spending limit that could amount to quite a bit. If travel is your priority, then you should probably focus on credit card providers like Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Discover It Miles, Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard and BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card.

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