10 Cool Gift Ideas for a Traveler

Buying the right gift for a loved one, can get tedious and overwhelming simply because you want it to be perfect. The best gift for those with a bit of wanderlust can be a surprise trip, but if your budget won’t allow that here are 10 great travel-inspired gift ideas for that loved one who loves to travel.

Polaroid camera
Nothing beats a great camera and instant cams go along way. This Polaroid camera clicks that print instantly allowing travelers to display the snaps as they please once they’re done with their travels.

Power bank
Running out of battery while traveling is a common thing and the last thing you want to do is head back to the hotel to recharge your mobile phone. Enter the magic of a power bank. Gift your loved one this nifty life-saver and they’ll never have to fret a dead phone again.

Isn’t being organized the toughest part of being a traveler? Organizers, like small bags to store toiletries, medicines and laundry bags for used clothes, and socks and jocks can be the right kind of gift for storing essentials of all kinds in a systematic way.

Travel pillow
If your friend’s travel includes a lot of flying, a travel pillow will make a great gift. These pillows can be adjusted to adapt to a specific sleeping and traveling style. There are a number of travel pillow options available so you’ll need to pick the one that fits your budget and the requirement.

Laptop bag
Laptop bags are roomy and great for lugging around that heavy laptop. If your loved one likes having their computer at hand, a sleek laptop bag might just be the answer to your gift quandary.

Noise-cancelling headphones
A comfortable pair of noise-cancelling headphones is just what is required to cut out snoring co-passengers, noisy food carts and loud talkers on a full flight. If the person you’re planning the gift for flies a lot, you cannot go wrong with these babies.

Travel iron
A mini steam iron is compact, portable and can easily fit in a backpack. Creased clothes are an inevitable result of long hours of travel and a mini steam iron can save one a bundle on pressing services in a hotel. As a gift, it’s not only thoughtful and practical, it’s also a money-saver to the receiver.

Travel backpacks
A weekend bag is convenient and compact enough to carry as a backpack or one-shouldered. These bags have many compartments to organize clothes, gadgets, and snacks and is a fantastic gifting option.

Travel cocktail kit
If your friend is picky about his/her cocktails, this could be the absolute best gift ever. With everything they need to make a great cocktail except the alcohol which they can buy in-flight, the kit contains everything.

Selfie stick
Selfies are in and so are selfie sticks. If your loved one likes travelling alone, a selfie stick could be a great addition to their luggage so they don’t miss out on being in the lovely scenery they want to photograph.

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