Best sailing destinations in Croatia

Croatia is a country from Eastern Europe that has long coastlines along the Adriatic Sea. It encompasses over a thousand islands. These islands and the long coast is something that probably makes Croatia a dream for sailors. Sailing through the Adriatic Sea is one of the hobbies of many Eastern Europeans as well as sailors from all over the world.

Some of the best sailing destinations in Croatia are as follows:

  • Skradin: Skradin is on the bank of the ricer Krka. It contains a small port and is about 16 kilometers north of Sivenik. The beautiful waterfalls of Krka provide the beauty to this trip.
  • Primosten: Primosten is one of the best tourist centers of dalmatia. It is also one of the most scenic and picturesque localities on the Adantic coast with the old part of the town situated on a hilly peninsula.
  • Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik is a city with rich history. It expanded in the 15th century and was conquered by Napoleon in 1808. This beautiful city is also called the pearl of the Adriatic so do not miss out on visiting if you have a boat.
  • Hvar: Hvar is known as the Monte Carlo of Croatia. It is one of the most luxurious islands in Croatia and is the party island for rich and famous people not just from Croatia but around the world. If you aren’t satisfied with this island you can catch a boat to Carpe Diem beach and party till sunrise.
  • Split: Split originally came about from the palace of a roman emperor Diocletian. Hordes of tourists go to Split each year on sailing vacations or yachts to check out its many hidden bays and islands.
  • Trogir: Trogir is a small town with a port which is on the coast o Kastela Bay about 27 kilometers from Split. This city is situated on a small islet between Ciovo and the mainland. Cultural monuments, works of art and brilliant architecture await people who visit this city.
  • Maslinica: Maslinica belongs to the island of Solta. It is the only place situated in the bay on the western side of the island. Maslinica came into existence in 1703 when an aristocratic family Marchi took permission to form a settlement and build a castle with fortified towers to defend itself from pirates.
  • Milna: The milna Port is the most beautiful and natural port on the island of Brac. It is part of a regional road that passes through the whole island. There are a number of smaller bays with sand and gravel beaches nearby for  tourists to visit.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. Thanks, in large part, to its large coastline it is one of the hubs for sailing trips in Europe.

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