6 Best places you can visit in December

December is the holiday month and you might want to go on a vacation but the only problem is that winter forecast stops you from making plans as you would want to avoid that heavy snowfall and delays. But there are few places in US that is the best to travel in the month of December and enjoy your vacation.

Here is list of few places that can be visited during the winter month of December:

  1. Salt Lake City– When you think about a vacation during the winter, if you love hiking then this place won’t disappoint you as they have many ski resorts to choose, and all of them are situated within an hour drive from the airport. During the day they can go for skiing and evening can be planned by exploring the Utah Museum of Modern Art.
  2. Caribbean Vacations– The Caribbean has some of the most beautiful places that is perfect for a vacation in an island. Some of the places to visit in Caribbean are British Virgin Islands, St Lucia Island, US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Curacao, Havana, Barbados, Bahamas etc. These are some of the best beach vacations one could enjoy in December.
  3. Houston– The temperature here is cooler and it has biggest rodeo championship that bring the city to life, Space Center Houston is one of the popular tourist attractions there are various historic attractions and Museum commemorating the battle for Texas independence. Houston is also known for the famous restaurants and delicious food served in the restaurants. It saw one of the most satisfying food scenes in the US.
  4. Orlando– This is a perfect vacation spot for family getaways and that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer others, even the couples and singles can have a great time here. Orlando can give its visitor with a unique experience of theme parks, golf courses, arts and culture, Outdoor adventures and night life is also one of the best thing as Orlando has a very good nightlife.
  5. New Orleans– This Louisiana city situated on the Mississippi river is known for its nightlife, live music and tasty food to die for. Some places to visit in New Orleans are the Museums, Cemeteries, French Quarter, Public Parks and Squares, Golf Courses, Historical Churches.
  6. Crescent City– It has a very pleasant winter climate; Crescent city is also known for the lighthouse that was built with 22-inch-thick slabs of granite on a small island that can be reached on foot during low tides.
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