5 Tips For Flying With a Baby

You’ve heard “horror” stories from parents stuck aboard a plane with a screaming baby with no end in sight. But, traveling with babies or toddlers is not as bad or as daunting as it seems. There are a few things you need to remember and you’re golden.

Wear your baby: Babywearing not only keeps your hands free to dig into your purse and push your luggage, it also keeps your baby comfortable and comforted. If your baby is young, a folding pushchair works best. If your baby is comfortable and quiet before the flight, it’s a good start!

Pack familiar supplies: The crowds at the airport and the closed off area of the plane might make your baby cranky. Be sure to have your baby’s favorite rattler, soft toy and even blanket at hand. The familiarity of the toys and the familiar smell of the laundry will contribute to keeping you baby calm. Throw in something shiny for good measure.

Feed while takeoff: You’ll hear the stewardesses ask you to feed your baby while takeoff – because the sucking and swallowing action keeps the pressure from building up inside your baby’s ears.

Stock up on the diapers: You can never have enough diapers. Be sure to carry more than you think your baby will require. The stress of traveling just might make your baby get a nervous tummy and an uncomfortable is a screaming baby.

Don’t forget yourself: Babies can be unpredictable and so can their tummies. Pack an extra pair or two pairs of clothes for yourself – you never know when you might need them. You don’t want your baby to throw up all over you and then be uncomfortable in your arms because you’re uneasy and smelly.

Travelling with babies is not rocket science but you certainly can’t set off on a wing and a prayer – literally. Park smart, pack enough, prep well and you’ll land at your destination with a smile as big as your baby’s.

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