7 Great Places to Visit in January

January is one of those months when travel is the cheapest. The end of the holiday season heralds in the dead zone when airfares are at their lowest. Also at their lowest are rates at holiday destinations. With the vacationers long gone, the lull in travelling, reveling crowds causes the prices to dip. January is also one of those months when the weather is great for some outdoor activities. Here are 10 places for a fair-weather holiday in January.

Nicaragua- Stunning beaches, luscious rainforests, eco-lodges and the best weather in Central America in January, should be reason enough for you to pack those bags and get going.

Australia – Christmas in Australia is sun-kissed and January is a great time to visit as the sun isn’t too hot. Check out the Great Barrier Reef, head on to the Gold Coast or simply lounge on Bondi Beach with a quick tour of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Belize – Though it rains a lot in Belize, January is one of the best months to visit as it’s slightly hot and not too rainy. Mayan ruins, tropical forests, and palm-fringed beaches are perfect for a quick getaway.

South Africa – Incredible food and wine, thrilling wildlife, stunning scenery and gorgeous villas – do you need any more reasons to pack your bags and head to South Africa? Psst… January is the best time in the year to visit.

Mexico – What better way to spend your vacation than on a quiet beach in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Mexico is relatively quiet come January and the wonderful weather this time of year is just the cherry on the top.

LA – If you’re not looking to get too far away from home, LA could be your preferred destination. America’s second largest city, is golden in January and is a great choice for a holiday that’s closer home.

San Antonio, Texas – Head south, but not too much. San Antonio is great this time of year. The warm weather and great food are the biggest draws.

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