5 Weird Wonders of the World

Our planet has been at work for billions of years, with the elements teasing, molding, carving, shaping and creating wonderful landscapes. The locals have their own explanation for these natural wonders that vary from the mystic to the mythological, but scientists have been able to give us a reasonable explanation for most of them. Check out these 10 strange, yet breathtaking wonders of the world that should be on your bucket list.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
An expanse that spreads over 4,000 square miles and is covered in white hexagonal tiles is the remnant of a prehistoric lake that dried up 30,000 years ago. Stretching as far as the eye can see, this vast wilderness is home to thousands of flamingos and provides 25,000 tons of salt a year to local miners.

Sailing Stones, Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, CA
The movement of large rocks over a smooth valley without any human or animal interference has been intriguing to say the least. The rocks leave track marks from the point of origin – sometimes 700 feet long. These “sailing stones” on Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa move in different directions and specific weather conditions are required to make the stone move.

Richat Structure, Mauritania
This elliptical depression stretches 25 miles and looks like a massive bulls-eye in the middle of the Mauritania desert. Heavy eroding over centuries has revealed the igneous interior of the Richat Structure.

Caño Cristales River, Colombia
Called Liquid Rainbow and “River of Five Colors”, the Caño Cristales is a beautiful melange of colors between July and December. Colors like pink, green, blue, yellow and red explode when the Macarenia clavigera plant at the bottom of the river floor blooms in the sun during this time.

The Cave of the Crystals, Naica, Mexico
300 metres below the surface in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico is an outlandish chamber of giant selenite crystals. Like something out of a sci-fi film, this cave is on an ancient fault line and the heat in the cave can go up to 136 F with 90-99 percent humidity.

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