5 Things to Avoid When Renting a Car

Renting a car seems simple enough if you have a driver’s license. But there are some things you should absolutely not do, when renting. Below are five of them.

Don’t purchase insurance
The reason for this is twofold – your own car insurance covers you and so does your credit card. Now this is not to say that no matter what kind of auto insurance you have, you’ll be covered. Check with your insurer and if you have a “full coverage” policy on your personal car then it extends to the rental car as well, as it is a substitute for your personal car under the policy. You could be covered even if the car you’re renting is more valuable than your own car. But, you must be mindful of the fact that should you have an accident in a rental car, it will raise your rates when you make a claim on your own insurance policy.

What your car insurance does not cover, your credit card most probably will. Some credit cards are intended to be act like a net and cover what your auto insurance won’t. You just need to remember to pay for renting the car with that card.

Don’t prepay for gasoline
Prepaying for gasoline seems the easier thing to do, but can cost you much more than you’ll actually use. Rental companies will always offer you this option at the desk. Even if they charge you only for the fuel you use, it’ll still be more expensive than refueling the car yourself.

Don’t disregard offers for an upgrade
During a busy portion of the day and when the agency is running low on their cheaper cars, is when you can score big. When you ask for a cheaper car, they might offer you a free upgrade or a very affordable upgrade in return for your contract. If asked about your interest in an upgrade, tell them it depends  on the cost and just might be able to get a good deal.

Don’t rent from the airport
Airport surcharges kick in when you rent from the airport. So don’t make the mistake of doing that to avoid taking the rental car shuttle and dealing with the crowds.

Don’t pay for GPS 
GPS systems will cost you an added $10 a day. Use your smartphone when possible or print out directions in advance so you save on that expense.

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