A Guide To Additional Driver Fees When Renting A Car.

Renting a car is the best way to get away from all the busy crowd and explore those places you have never been to. Even though there are other modes of transportation at your disposal, renting a car gives you the freedom to drive and explore places unexplored.

So if you believe that you have grabbed a great deal on your car rental think again! If you don’t take proper care you might end up paying double fees. Because initially the rates may look reasonable but once you get the final bill the scene might be a shocker. So by following certain guidelines you might save yourself from those hidden additional costs.

  • The Extra costs that can incur while renting a car are loss and theft insurance. But by opting out of  these can save you lot of money.
  • Going through the membership guides helps to understand the benefit packages of credit cards and frequent-flier programs. Such memberships provide discounts, insurance coverage and waiver provisions resulting in extra driver charges.
  • Renting car from the airports helps you save on convenience charges. Since airport car rentals pay concession fees to the airport it gets passed on to the customers.
  • Companies normally charge customers for one way rentals and drop offs according to the locations. So checking these drop off policies will help you avoid considerable amount of hidden charges.
  • Researching the local gas prices a day before you take the car rental services is an other way to get rid of additional charges. Comparing local gas prices with the refill price offered by the rental company.
  • Considering which extras as important plays a vital role when it comes to additional car rental charges. Like for example, As per the law it is a must to have child car seats in every car, GPS can save lot of time when it comes to searching for an unknown location & satellite radios comes in handy where local radio signal is poor. But all these extras will make your bill go up.
  • Returning the car before the actual date is not a good option because companies sometimes might charge you for the daily rates if the car is returned before the agreed date.
  • Contact the Business bureau and Consumer division in case of any dispute with the car rental company. This helps when the consumer is not fully aware of all the policies regarding car rentals which is defined by the law.

So just by doing little research and planning you can save yourself from those hefty additional charges slapped by the car rental companies.

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